New world record Pigeon's Blood rubies discovered in Madagascar

GRS seminar during the Hong Kong September 2012 Jewellery & Gem Fair

New magnificent rubies were found in a National Park near Didy in Madagascar in May 2012. When the rough was first discovered, it was assumed to be impossible to have natural rubies in such size, clarity and color. Therefore the GRS Laboratory made an adventurous expedition to this origin. What we discovered in this national park did not only confirm the findings of the world’s largest rubies, but also significant findings of GRS type “Royal Blue” sapphires of extremely large size.

Visit our Seminar during the Hong Kong September 2012 Jewellery & Gem Fair
Saturday 22.09.12, 2.30 pm – 4:30 pm, Room S228 – old wing HKCEC, Convention Center
New Ruby and Sapphire Mines of 2012
Documentary and Gemology

Dr. Adolf Peretti & Lawrence Hahn from GRS Laboratory at the mining site for large Pigeon’s Blood rubies in the national Park of Madagascar (Didy) in May 2012. Shortly after this picture was taken, the two field gemologists were attacked by a local miner. GRS has taken this worthwhile considerable risks to investigate these new world record findings as they occur only once in lifetime for every gemologist.
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