Adjustment to terminology on GRS reports for emeralds

Emeralds are occasionally sent to laboratories in a state where untreated fissures are visible. In 2016, GRS Laboratories introduced the concept of disclosing the presence of untreated, i.e., potentially fillable fissures (cracks) on all GRS gemstone reports for emeralds. This has alerted the trade about the common industry practice of post-testing treatment (re-oiling) of emeralds.

Starting on 15 January 2022, GRS Laboratories will extend its existing terminology to include the estimated clarity grade after potential re-treatment of the emerald. This modification of nomenclature will apply to all emeralds graded as "None".

This provides the "no-oil" purchaser with a better idea of an emerald's grade after potential re-treatment.

The subdivision of the grade "None" is as follows:

Emeralds with no indication of clarity enhancement that cannot be clarity enhanced

Comment on the report: None

Extra comment on the report: -

Emeralds with no indication of clarity enhancement with an estimated grade after potential clarity enhancement of "Minor to Moderate".

Comment on the report: None

Extra comment on the report: Clarity potentially improvable by post-testing treatment. Estimated enhancement grade "Minor to Moderate".

GRS is also disclosing on the report front page the presence of hardened resin after the grade (e.g, Minor to Moderate), independently of severity of treatment. With these changes, we are filling recent increasing demands on more detailed information on our reports.

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