GRS at Coscuez Mine, September 2023:

Mine to Market research project successfully conducted for Colombian Emeralds

Partnering with and supporting gemstone-producing countries is essential for a sustainable and eco-friendly economy. Under the leadership of Dr. Adolf Peretti, CEO of GRS Laboratories, a comprehensive study was completed, focusing on the Colombian emerald mines, the cutting process, and emerald auctions. This endeavor was accompanied and supported by Prof. Detlef Günther, a member of the board of directors of GRS Gemresearch Swisslab AG and a member of the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry and former vice president of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Willy Bieri, Managing Director at GRS Laboratories, was also a key contributor to the expedition to the Coscuez emerald mine.

This expedition provided unique insights into the importance of integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), mining practices, cutting-edge technology in gemstone cutting, and lab reporting into a cohesive framework. It underscored the significance of appreciating the true value of gemstones by considering their journey from the mine to the market.

Our team utilized state-of-the-art documentary equipment for professional recording, allowing us to create an exemplary documentary. This documentary serves as a powerful tool to highlight the importance of the holistic approach to understanding and valuing gemstones throughout their entire supply chain.

Coming soon! The GRS documentary will be released in 2023. 

GRS witnessed the finding of emeralds at the forefront of the Mina Lapaz tunnel (FURA emerald mine, Coscuez, Colombia)
Creating an exceptional documentary with cutting-edge tools. The Fura and Tena Crags rising above the valley of the River Minero, are the official guardians of Colombia’s emerald zone.
Examining a drill core of the prospection campaign at the Geologist’s facility of the Coscuez mine

“Our goal is to further extend Corporate Social Responsibility beyond the mine-to-market production of emeralds.”

Under the environmental initiative led by Dr. Adolf Peretti, a proposal was made to the Colombian vice-minister of interiors and to FURA Gems Founder and CEO, Dev Shetty, during their visit to the mines. The proposal aims to protect the existing blue morpho butterflies and reintroduce them in areas where they had disappeared, in conjunction with the FURA Coscuez's reforestation initiative which has the goal to plant more than 19,000 plants in five years, an initiative that is expected to capture 100,000 tons of CO2 equivalent in that period. Fura Gems is interested in integrating the "butterfly project" into the already existing CSR projects.

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GRS is pleased to announce the conclusion of a 2-year pilot project centered on mine-to-market analysis, with a specific focus on Colombian emeralds and the Sri Lankan gem industry.
One of the primary objectives of this project was to highlight and address women's rights and their integration into the gem industry. Through extensive interviews and insightful observations, GRS is proud to present a comprehensive overview of the current status and role of women in our industry. Furthermore, GRS will provide updates about the progress that has been achieved thus far and identify areas where further improvements are necessary or recommended.  

Coming soon! The GRS documentary will be released in 2023.

GRS documents women's industry roles through interviews.
Dr. Adolf Peretti, CEO of GRS laboratories (right), Prof. Detlef Günther, GRS Board of Directors, member of the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry and former vice president of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland (left)
Willy Bieri, GRS laboratories, Managing Director at GRS laboratories examines the emerald production found and mined during the last 20 days.
Willy Bieri and Adolf Peretti documenting the cutting process of a “FURA” emerald from rough to a faceted jewel, performed by the famous emerald master cutter Orlando Torres.

As a result of our extensive research, we have implemented a FURA emerald tracing procedure. By logging in the details of your unprocessed, rough "FURA" emeralds acquired from any FURA auction, you can actively participate in our chemical fingerprint database. This database facilitates a seamless mine-to-market tracing of your emeralds, ensuring transparency and authenticity throughout the supply chain.    

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We would like to thank:

Dev Shetty, Founder and CEO of Fura Gems Inc and the miners, engineers, and the Fura Gems management team of the Coscuez emerald mine for the generous hospitality and support.

Orlando Torres of Rio Minero Gem Ltda, Bogota, for letting us witness and document the cutting process of our own “FURA emerald” from rough to a faceted jewel.

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