Contributions to Gemology

During the last 15 years, we have published numerous of our in-house publications ‘Contributions to Gemmology’. The topics of our books are related to actual news, challenges or discoveries in the world of gemology at the time of publication. All issues are available as hard copies in our shop. Alternatively, we provide a digital version of each issue for you to read and download below.

No. 14, March 2014

Identification of a New Generation of Synthetic CVD-grown Blue, Pink and Yellow Diamonds
GRS Investigates the Source of Ruby, Sapphire and Padparadscha from the Didy Mine in Madagascar

No. 13, May 2013

Record-Breaking Rubies Discovered in Didy, Madagascar

No. 10, May 2011

Distinguishing Natural Tibetan Copper-Bearing Andesine from its Diffusion Treat Red Counterparts Using Advanced Analytical Methods

No. 9, May 2009

Chemical Variations in Multicolored “Paraiba”-Type Tourmalines from Brazil and Mozambique: Implications for Origin and Authenticity Determination

No. 7, December 2008

Winza (Tanzania) Rubies Identified

No. 5, November 2007

Gem Quality Johachidolite: Occurrence, Chemical Composition and Crystal Structure

No. 4, December 2005

Beryllium Treatment Extended

No. 3, August 2004

Challenge of The Identification of a New Gemstone
New Gem Mineral Pezzottaite
Atomic Arrangements

No. 2, August 2003

Report on Ruby and Spinel Mining in Namya
Rare Gemstone Painite
Beryllium Treatment Part B

No. 1, May 2002

The Color Enhancement of Fancy Sapphires
Color Zoning by Internal Migration
Formation of Color Centres