The GRS Reference Collection

Over the last 30 years, GRS has invested a substantial amount of its efforts and revenue towards appropriating gemstone reference samples from various mining areas worldwide. Exceeding well over 40,000 single samples and growing, it is truly a unique collection of gemmological knowledge. Some of the pieces in the collection can be considered museum quality.

The majority of the specimens are located at the GRS headquarter in Switzerland. However, collections of key samples are distributed and deposited at all GRS lab locations.
The GRS Reference Collection is comprised of thousands of sapphires from all over the world.

This extensive sample library is paired with the proprietary evaluation and interpretation expertise of Dr. A. Peretti, which has been compiling it over the past three decades, working as a hands-on gemmologist and research scientist. Analytical testing of the samples with state-of-the-art equipment, including highly sensitive spectrometers and the extensive study of inclusions and other gemmological properties, form the backbone of GRS’ comprehensive origin determination and treatment detection abilities.

The collection contains thousands of rubies from various deposits around the world.

«30 years of collecting over 40,000 reference samples creates confidence and pride. It is an honour to be among the best gemstone testing laboratories in the world.»

Dr. A. Peretti

Though widely believed that analytical testing methods provide the single most conclusive information towards origin determination, they are weak in conclusion if the data sets cannot be compared with an extensive reference database. Key samples are distributed throughout all our laboratory locations; however, the bulk can be found in our headquarter in Meggen, Switzerland, where most of the research activities are conducted.

Below examples of interesting specimens of the GRS Reference Collection:

World-Record Poudretteite Set
World-Record Painite with Ruby Overgrowth
World-Record Kashmir Sapphire Carving
World-Record Bi-Colored Sapphire (Royal Blue/ Padparadscha)
Perettiite-(Y) Needle Enclosed in Phenakite
World-Class Burmese Amber Collection
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