GRS Platinum Rarity Gemstone Award

A 3-fold premium report dedicated to exceptional gemstones. The gemstones or jewels' unique properties are described on an appendix page with a descriptive portrait elaborating on the featured piece's rarity. GRS Platinum Gemstone Awards can be recognized by their unique award number. GRS researches the rarity of gemstones and compares them to gemstones recorded in its database. This comparison is conducted with GRS data collected over 20 years and auction house results collected for over 30 years. 

Subject to a gemstones’ relative rarity and value, and to GRS’s discretion, we offer Platinum Award classifications of either Important or Magnificent. Your stone will be featured on an enlarged photo accompanied by a 360° augmented reality “AR” video of the stone, initialized by scanning the jewels’ photo or QR code using the GRS AR app.


  • GRS Platinum Report (Important or Magnificent) with appendix page elaborating the rarity of the featured piece 

  • 3-fold appendix

  • Enlarged high-resolution photo

  • 360° rotation video clip of your gemstone


  • Platinum Rarity Awards are offered at the discretion of GRS to qualifying gemstones and jewelry pieces only.


  • Contact us to inquire about the prices for a GRS Platinum Rarity Gemstone Award.

Experience GRS Augmented Reality

The GRS AR symbol on a GRS report indicates that additional video content is available. You can reveal it using the GRS AR app. Try it now with the picture below. Enjoy!

  1. Open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) on your mobile device

  2. Search for "GRS AR"

  3. Install the app

  4. Launch the app and scan either the sapphire picture using the "AR scan" function or scan the QR code using the "QR scan" function

  5. Watch the 360-degree rotation video of the gem

Download the GRS AR app and directly scan the image in order to see the augmented reality video.
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